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We are a full service piano tuning, piano repair, piano refinishing and piano rebuilding company serving Atlanta and surrounding counties for more than four decades… including: Atlanta, metro Atlanta, Cobb County, Fulton County, Dekalb County, Gwinnett County, Henry County, Hall County, Rockdale County, Barrow County and Cherokee County. We travel up to a fifty mile radius from Atlanta at no charge, and outside the radius (within the state proper) there is a surcharge of .65cents/ mile computed one-way only. Thank you!

Piano Rebuilding/Restoration/

Piano Rebuilding is something at Atlanta Piano Tuner that we love about being in the piano business. We derive a strong sense of accomplishment from the quality restoration of a vintage piano, whether upright piano or grand piano. We are also one of the few companies in the southeast United States that specializes in player pianos as well. Old, dark, forbidding aesthetics melt away to reveal warm, rich tones of walnut, rosewood, mahogany, tiger oak, maple and other beautiful rare wood veneers. Crusty sluggish mechanisms spring to new life remembered decades ago when your piano was new. Your piano can return to its old glory under our fastidious care. Give your piano its best opportunity to show its resiliency, and its tribute to the piano craftsmen of old who took extreme pride in their craft. We strive to the same code and welcome the opportunity to revive your piano rebuilding it.

Piano rebuilding is when we take your piano in to our repair shop, removing all worn components to replace or repair where needed. We bring your piano back to like new functionality, and its appearance is restored to like new, preserving the originality that was initially visualized by your piano’s original piano craftsmen. Piano rebuilding means just that… piano REBUILDING.

Piano Tuning

We offer expertly trained master piano craftsmen with combined 35,000+ piano tuning’s experience. Whether you are beginning to play the piano or are an accomplished pianist, we guarantee your satisfaction. We focus on extending ultimate service, coupled with an eye for value when it comes to piano tuning. We offer simple fee one-time service, to extended service warranties that cover the piano’s tuning as well as the thousands of mechanical components’ (action, piano wires, plate, soundboard, regulations and damper/ pedal trap-work) adjustments. If you are looking for comprehensive care for your piano, Atlanta Piano Tuner (the original) is your answer. Atlanta Piano Tuner tunes pianos with our primary concern regarding ministering to the spirit of the player as they play. see more on piano tuning.

Piano Repair

Piano Repair covers a range of applications relating to piano service. Typically, when piano repair is requested it pertains more to the mechanisms in the piano (keys, keybed, the action with 100’s of moving parts, damper/pedal trap-work), or the case/ facade of the piano and the occasional dents and dings that occur to the finish or exterior. Utilize free phone consultations to allow us to assist you with your decision making process when you are determining what your piano’s needs are and what services we may offer. With our extensive experience in repairing vintage/antique pianos, if we can’t repair it… it can not be repaired.

Many times there are trade secrets that can be employed to your piano’s benefit if you do not want to rebuild a piano to keep it functional until piano refurbishment or piano rebuilding are possible. The important thing to remember here is to act expeditiously and not allow a broken or malfunctioning component to damage another component. Many expensive repairs can be avoided with regularly scheduled maintenance not only in regard to piano tuning, but also in regard to your piano’s valuable mechanisms as well. Since piano repair is a mission for us that furthers the cause of music, it is something we take seriously. see more on piano repair

What people say?

Dear Nelson, I put the organ top back on the organ and played it Thurs
(after spending the previous two days, after the shipment of the organ, in the the bed with a bad cold that came on suddenly). I am thrilled with the air pressure & didn't realize how much I had missed it (the organ)...
 and now that it's done, I'm glad I left it with you... 

Thanks, Wayne Ridlehoover, South Carolina
Wayne Ridlehoover


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We are a full service piano tuning, piano repair, piano refinishing and piano rebuilding company serving Atlanta and surrounding counties for more than four decades.
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