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As a member of the Edwards family (spanning three generations in the Piano Repair and Tuning business), I consider it an honor to type a few words of introduction. Furthermore, I look forward to meeting you and yours in the near future. As a family we have served Atlantans since the late ’50’s. My father, Lee Edwards, apprenticed me from childhood priming for a future as a master piano repair technician… and you wouldn’t believe how many years I’ve had my hands on pianos. Dad began this trade under the tutelage of a true old world (he immigrated from Italy) master craftsman that was in the twilight of his life and was seeking to impart his knowledge through apprenticeship.

Dad studied long, hard, and moved from initial knowledge of the elemental ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ that are now mundane, and then pursued tweaking into the finer elements of the excellent trade that (I don’t care who you are) one will NEVER master. Who can master perfection? The exponential increase in difficulty as you get closer though teaches you one important fact that has driven my personal quest… the pursuit has become the goal. Does this resonate in your personal experience?
This is my daughter Melissa and son, Tanner(Ain’t she purdy??). Dad, in his day (he passed away a few years back), was nationally recognized for his talents and abilities. I can only hope to prove worthy as a steward carrying on the family name. We have tuned 10’s of 1000’s of pianos, repaired or rebuilt thousands of pianos, had high-falootin’ (southern word) associations we could pin in our proverbial hats, been in the right place at the right time… recording studios, concert stages, big name celebrities (sometimes with egos to match, lol!) — you know what I mean? However two big points loom large in my mind right now. One is, he loved this trade, and so do I. Secondly, I understand that you are not really impressed with a listing of all our family’s accolades when it really gets down to it… but I do know that you need to know that I care about your piano. I truly do. The sense of accomplishment from a job well done is even more precious when it comes with difficulty, anyone can fall off a log. We treasure/appreciate what we really work for don’t we?

I hope, as a native Atlantan, a Cherokee half-breed and good ole’ southern boy that apprenticed a trade and stuck with it through thick and thin, that you will want to meet, that you will give me an opportunity to work on gettin’ better at what I do, and that you will join me in perpetuating a winning legacy. Have a great day, and may God richly favor you and yours!

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We are a full service piano tuning, piano repair, piano refinishing and piano rebuilding company serving Atlanta and surrounding counties for more than four decades.
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